We are open to count those with a medical background (physicians, PAs, NPs and nurses) to contact us in case they would like be part of a medical mission trip. We 11plan to have one main medical mission a year but have small groups once or twice a year for training purposes of the local staff.

If you have experience in the construction field, please contact us.  Those with experience in community service in under-resourced countries, do not hesitate to send an email and share their suggestions.

Community Involvement

Our main goal is to train and work alongside the local folks so they can actively be part of the change that we would love to see in their community.

Dr Louis is deeply 10involved with the children of the community he calls home and encourages children and young adults to be leaders and role models as they will be the force that will soon replace the aging group.


Education is freedom is a theme. Too many children fail to discover their real potential in life due to their inability to receive an education. 9We encourage the children of the mountains of Kenscoff to work hard and get an education.

This will allow them to be servants of their community one day changing the lives of themselves and their neighbours.