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NOTE:  Please use this form if you would like to donate in Canadian Dollars. We have partnered with ACWAM

Active Christians With A Mission

ACWAM Outreach Ministries reaches out to help those in need by working with other already established ministries in their day to day tasks.  We all can take an active role in blessing one another to become better and more productive people.ACWAM-logo

ACWAM carefully and prayerfully screen(s) all ministries they support. God has given them a great team of volunteers and access to the necessary resources to bless several Mission works and Ministries.  Words in Action is more than grateful to have a great partner in ACWAM and look forward to future project work and doing God’s Work in Haiti.

What ACWAM Does

ACWAM does a great deal of fundraising to purchase supplies and medical aid for the people of Haiti. Each time a team goes to Haiti we go fully loaded with clothing, school supplies, medical equipment, etc. We provide sponsorship for approximately 166 children in 4 schools, 2 orphanages and one rescue center in Haiti.  We are currently financially helping a young lady to become a doctor for the Haitian people.

ACWAM also, takes teams to New York City  for training and ministry to the homeless and less fortunate. Teams develop valuable ministry skills that are used locally as well as abroad.

The form will then be submitted to Words in Action and ACWAM.  Someone will be in touch with you to confirm your donation and information.

Sponsorship Specifications

Secondary School Student

$25.00/month  $75.00/quarterly $300.00/year

Elementary School Student

$8.40/month  $25.20/quarterly $100.00/year

One-time donation

To go to general student sponsorship. You will not receive any student updates. Please specify the amount you are donating in the form as “Other Amount”.

All Sponsors Please Note:  Any money over and above tuition will be used for student needs such as school supplies.  Donations are made through ACWAM and forwarded to the American WIA account in order that you may receive a tax receipt. Unless we are notified that you wish to cease sponsorship, we will carry your sponsorship forward into the following year. Because our program is based on student need, it is not guaranteed that you will have the same student from year to year, and we will assign your sponsorship funds to a student of highest priority.

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