Sainte Helene Val (Miss Marie Yolene) : Nurse

Marie Yolene

It was such a coincidence that, after we started building the actual clinic and creating our long term plan, we learned that a young woman from within that community living right next to the clinic has just completed nursing school and was looking for an opportunity.

We had to pay our previous nurse enough so she could arrange her own transportation from Port au Prince. Now we are able to count on her to be part of the team that will continue to care for those patients in our absence. Having staff from the local community is a tremendously helpful in fostering patient acceptance and trust, as well as raising awareness for local health concerns.

Marie has completed 3 months (July ’15 – October ’15) of special training at the Baptist Haiti Mission Hospital to expand her clinical competencies. She spent a week in January of 2016 training with Dr. Louis on chronic care management.