Community Health Program Director
IMG_0815With previous projects in eastern Africa, Kristin visited Haiti for the first time in November of 2013. Just like every first time visitors, it did not take her too long to be on the next flight to Haiti.  She fell in love with people and most specifically the beautiful children.

Kristin is very motivated in working with Words In Action  on projects that will make a difference in the lives of those children.  With recent data collected in the community of Qui Croit and its surroundings, her goal is to put in place a community health program that will continue to care for the people in the future.

The data was driven by a survey created with the expert guidance of Pat Kelly, a nurse with exceptional global nursing experience who has long been a supporter of Words in Action. As a registered dietitian, Kristin would like to use her knowledge in nutrition to help establish  in the future a nutrition program for the malnourished children.

Kristin will soon start her masters in public health to better equip her, and our organization, for the challenges ahead.