Claude1Words In Action is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 by Claude Louis after completion of medical school in Haiti. After working with medical mission teams during the 6 years while in medical school, He started organizing mobile clinics in the mountains of Kenscoff, Qui Croit, Bongar.

Dr Louis wanted to fulfill his long time┬ádream of serving the people in the community where he was born. Three years later a philanthropist from Canada who knew about Dr Louis’ passion, overheard his work for four months with the victims of the earthquake at the Baptist Mission’s hospital in Haiti and decided to send him a nice gratification check to use as he judged appropriate.Haiti Medical Support

Dr Louis wisely took the donation and put it toward starting a community clinic in the community of Qui Croit providing care to thousands of people, some with a walking distance of as long as 5 hours.

He hired a nurse after the Baptist Mission agreed to let him use their vacant building at that time.